Career Readiness Program

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Career Readiness Courses

The average length of each course is two to ten sessions. Each session is one hour. Each course will include formal and informal assessments to measure comprehension and effectiveness of instruction. Students learn transferable skills that will increase their marketability and self-efficacy.
Basic Administrative SkillsStudents will learn basic computer skills and digital citizenship.
Self-Promotional Tools Students will create self-promotional tools needed for employment.
Job Search / Application ProcessStudents will identify and apply for compatible positions.
Interview ProcessStudents will identify interviewing skills needed to successfully complete interviews.
Workplace Dynamics and ProfessionalismStudents will learn about business professionalism needed to promote healthy work environment and work-life balance.

Recent Partnerships

Tiana Lee presents H.O.N.E. Away from Home: Career Readiness and Workforce Development

Saturday, April 30, 2022 | Downtown Columbus Main Library

Lethichia (Tish) Pope presented Career Readiness Series: The Interview Process to middle school to college students. The students identified types of interviews and professional attire, and they were paired to simulate a real interview.

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