Looking for an Elementary, Middle or High School for your child(ren)?

New to Columbus, Ohio or your preschooler is getting ready for kindergarten?

BEFORE moving / enrolling your child into a school, please consider the following essential topics:

School Progress

The Ohio Department of Education provides annual reports of the school building and school district academic progress. The report cards provide insight into the academic performance of students, graduation rates, and more. For school or district report cards, click here.

Family Engagement

All parents / legal guardians are forced to trust their children to school administrators and teachers whom they have never met or rarely seen. Unfortunately, parents / legal guardians are ignored or only informed about what is happening inside the four walls of the school. If you are involved in the academic success of your child(ren), please click here to learn what is FAMILY ENGAGEMENT and create questions to ask the school administrators.

Curriculum / Assessments

The Ohio Department of Education provide the curriculums, standards, and required assessments on their statewide website. Click here for more information about academic standards, required assessments, and more. Also, families should ask school administrators or teachers about their differentiated instruction methods because every child has a learning style: Kinesthetic, Tactile, Audio, or Visual. If your child has a developmental or intellectual disability, please inform the school and ask if the have additional supports or assistive technology available. Another reliable resource is the Franklin County Board of Development Disabilities (FCBDD). Click here for more information about FCBDD.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to general education, families may want their child(ren) to access extracurricular activities or “specials” that stimulate creativity and allow them to explore interests that may lead to identifying career paths or simply building social and/or leadership skills. Researching the website and asking school administrators about extracurricular activities, “electives” or “specials” will help families decide what is more important the school district taxes for accessibility to resources in the school or if a local community center will suffice.

Educator Conduct

School culture is dictated by leadership and enforced by staff. If you want to research the conduct of teachers or administrators, the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Professional Conduct administers the ethical standards for educators. The office investigates allegations involving criminal or ethical violations to ensure that all Ohio students receive instruction from educators committed to a safe, supportive and healthy school community. To research teacher conduct or submit a complaint, click here.

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