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5 Tips on How to Overcome Ageism in the Workplace

Job seekers are excited about being a part of a cause greater than themselves and making their contribution towards the business goals. Unfortunately, older employees may feel insulted or jealous by young co-workers. Instead of taking it personal, here are some tips on How to Overcome Ageism in the Workplace…

How To Overcome Ageism in the Workplace

Like many job seekers, you are told to “get all the money you can”. Unfortunately, some job seekers lack education in office politics. To avoid becoming a victim of ageism in the workplace, job seekers should do the following:

  1. Seek Wise Adults (non-coworkers)
  2. Build A Network
  3. Know Your Rights
  4. Report Discrimination / Harassment
  5. Go Where You Are Celebrated Not Tolerated

Seek Wise Adult / Career Coach / Therapist

Job seekers are not taught how to handle workplace politics such as ageism. Hence, job seekers should have a wise adult or career coach to help them navigate social norms, office politics, networking, and employee rights. Hopefully, wise counsel is a non-coworker to maintain professionalism in the workplace. If your wise adult is a career coach, create a career path to avoid the snares and to maintain a hope and a future (including an exit strategy if needed).

Build A Network

Build rapport with like-minded co-workers and spend free time getting to know them and seeking knowledge about the company’s culture. This will help you avoid toxic and passive-aggressive co-workers.

Know Your Rights

Ageism is oppressive and creates a hostile environment for job seekers. Read the employee handbook (and union handbook if applicable) to understand your rights and the protocol for reporting misconduct of co-workers or supervisor.

Report Discrimination / Harassment

If you tried to overcome the age discrimination and passive-aggressive behaviors of co-workers but the environment is still toxic, then contact your supervisor, union repressent, and/or labor/employee relations for support in resolving the issue. Make sure you have evidence via documentation before approaching appropriate person regarding the issue.

Go Where You Are Celebrated Not Tolerated

If the staff member retaliates or your health or productivity still suffers, then move forward with developing and executing an exit strategy (include updating your resume Top 10 Resume Tips, job search, and two-week notice before job transition).

If you need any additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact me, Career Readiness Coach, Tish Pope by clicking here.

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