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Top 10 Resume Tips

Resumes open doors to financial freedom. If job seekers want to achieve gainful employment, they must know these Top 10 Resume Tips…

Top 10 Resume Tips

  1. Know Your Value
  2. Update Your Resume
  3. Must-Have Resume Components
  4. Have More Than One Resume
  5. Use Reversed Chronological Resume Format
  6. Use One Page for Resumes
  7. Use Black Font and White Paper for Resumes
  8. Use Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, or Arial for Resumes
  9. Set Margins Between .60 inch and 1.00 inch for Resumes
  10. Make Resume ATS friendly

Tip #1: Know Your Value

If job seekers are seeking gainful employment, they must know how to market their soft / technical skills, education, and experiences. When employers are reviewing your resume, they should clearly understand your value (skills, education, and experiences). Once the employer understands your value, they can identify the corresponding wage or salary range.

Tip #2: Update Your Resume

To avoid losing your value, please update your resume every time you gain a new job, skill, experience, or education. Job seekers may not have 10 years of experience. However, job seekers should have a detailed resume including sports, social clubs, leadership roles, fundraisers, competitions, and rewards / awards that they can choose from.

Tip #3: Must-Have Resume Components

All resumes should have the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary
  • Core Competencies / Skills
  • Professional / Leadership Experience
  • Education
  • Honors / Awards

Contact Information

This section provides contact information to employers who desire to learn more about a job seeker via his / her LinkedIn profile. To avoid scams, only provide your first and last name, city, state, zip code, email address, and phone number. Adding your LinkedIn url is optional.

Professional Summary

Summarize your outstanding accomplishments. Don’t be shy but refrain from embellishing the truth. Limit the content to three to five sentences.

Core Competencies / Skills

List four to six relevant soft / technical or skills (i.e., Microsoft Office, Internet Proficient, Social Media Proficient (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Avoid attributes (teamplayer, quick learner, etc.). The attributes belong in the professional summary and/or cover letter (if needed).

Professional / Leadership Experience

Job seekers should list paid and non-paid professional experience (i.e., volunteer or internship experience, leadership roles, etc.). On a detailed resume include the company / school name, city and state, position title, start and end dates, and teacher / supervisor.


Job Seekers should display the highest level of education and relevant courses. To avoid being labeled overqualified, do not provide more education than required.

Honors / Awards

Job seekers should highlight relevant awards, scholarships, and military decorations.

Tip #4: Have More Than One Resume

Job seekers should have more than one type of resume: a detailed and a short resume. A detailed resume includes information requested on a job application (i.e., starting and ending wage / salaries, supervisor’s name and title, position title, city and state, reason for leaving job, and references). A short resume is job specific. When the position changes, the content of the resume changes. The verbs used to start a job statement will change based on the position.

Tip #5: Use Reversed Chronological Resume Format

The most commonly used resume is reversed chronological order because the current position is at the top of the Professional / Leadership Experience section and it shows a history (including gaps in employment). Other less commonly used resume formats are functional and a combination of functional and reversed chronological.

Tip #6: Use One Page for Resumes

For the sake of the employer, please keep resume to one-page. Change the line spacing font, and margins (no lower than .60) to keep your resume to one page. Also, remove any positions specific to race, gender, or religion unless useful for the position. This will help with saving space too.

Tip #7: Use Black Font and White Paper for Resumes

Job seekers should keep the resume paper white because it causes a great contrast with black ink. The contrast helps the reader read the words quickly. Also, the minimalist resume is professional and hugely accepted in many nations.

Tip #8: Use Fonts Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, or Arial for Resumes

The best fonts for resumes are Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, and Arial. These fonts are easy to read and compatible with different versions of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The smallest font size is 11 point and the largest font size is 12 point.

Tip #9: Set Margins Between .60 inch and 1.00 inch for Resumes

The default margin for Microsoft Word documents is 1 inch on all sides. If you are having problems with keep your resume to one page, reduce all margins. The lowest margin is .60 inch. If you attempt a lower margin, the words may cut off around the edges when printed because they are outside the print area.

Tip #10: Make Resumes ATS friendly

All resumes should be applicant tracking system friendly (ATS). When job seekers upload their resumes to a company’s website. The company may use an ATS to scan the resumes for keywords and phrases that the human resources team are seeking. If your resume has a high amount of the keywords, they may contact you for an interview. To make sure your resume is ATS friendly avoid using tables, columns, and graphics.

All of the above resume tips will provide you with the basic necessities for a successful outcome.

If you need any additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact me, Career Readiness Coach, Tish Pope by clicking here.

Happy Job Hunting!

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