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Should Teens Have a Job Coach?

If the teen needs a job immediately, a Job Coach can satisfy this short-term goal. If the teens wants to explore career paths through volunteering, internships, fellowships, or guilds, a Career Coach would be best.

What is a Job Coach?

Job Coaches guide teens through learning their job requirements, navigating performance and productivity challenges with employer, and overcoming transportation or social issues at work. The on- / off-site job coaching continues until teens reach their 90th day of employment (also known as employee retention).

How to Select the Right Job Coach or Career Coach for You?

The relationship you will have with a Job Coach is often short-term or sporadic. Your relationship with a Career Coach is long-term and on-going. You should consider the following when seeking a Job Coach or Career Coach:

  • Credentials
  • Credibility
  • Competency
  • Compatibility
  • Connections


The Job Coach or Career Coach credentials must have one or more of the following: a certification, a degree, or relevant work experience.


The Job Coach or Career Coach should have one or more of the following to valid his/her effectiveness: awards, reviews, testimonies, or word-of-mouth referrals. In Lean Six Sigma (process improvement), when seeking improvement in a product or service, the team looks at the customer’s voice because the customer creates the value of a product and/or service. The same philosophy or principle applies to the work of a Job Coach or Career Coach. The word ‘credibility’ is interchangeable with the word ‘value’.


Your Job Coach or Career Coach must have specific knowledge and/or experience in your industry or field. Not all career paths are created equal. Each company has its own requirement for skill level, personality traits, experience (and length of experience), travel frequency, etc. You should not spend a lot of time educating the Job Coach or Career Coach on the job process in your industry.


Your Job Coach or Career Coach must have personality traits and work ethic that you respect, appreciate, and value.


Your Job Coach or Career Coach should have connections with decision-makers in those industries. Having connections could help your Job Coach with industry research related to jobs in your field and geographical location, decision-makers in your industry, and job and job requirement trends.

Your Job Coach or Career Coach should conduct informational interviews with decision-makers of companies and attend networking opportunities in your industry, stay visible, and build relationships. Their connections in their network. Their network is their net worth. You want a Job Coach or Career Coach who can use their connections and your connections as leverage for your job hunt or career.

At the end of the day, teens want results. Conducting thorough research before hiring a Job Coach or Career Coach or career services company will help teens avoid disappointment and wasting time.

If you need any additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact me, Career Readiness Coach, Tish Pope by clicking here.

Happy Job Hunting!

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